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I am Kanan Vithlani and the blog Computer Masterly is run and owned by me. I have completed my Masters of Engineering in Computer Science in 2020. I have 2 years of corporate experience as a Full Stack Developer in an IT company in my hometown. It was a startup company and was an amazing experience to explore the corporate world.

Then, I started a Youtube Channel and blog for my mother with a Cooking niche. My mother cooks delicious recipes and I upload them on Youtube and manage the Youtube Channel and Blog for her. Check her mother’s blog: Radhe Cooking Classes

How it got Started?

When I started my journey as an Engineering student in Computer Science, there was a lack of guidance on how to set up our career. My college was more encouraging for book-oriented and grade-oriented approaches, rather than practical-oriented approaches. My elder cousins used to say to learn on my own, and I also got to learn from the internet.

But there was always a feeling that I want a mentor who can guide me properly in a specific path. I was learning from the internet but I was not able to solve my doubts, sometimes it takes days and weeks to solve the problem but with no solutions. I was not able to ask my faculties in college as they don’t have even an idea of it. Neither I was able to ask my seniors regarding my doubts.

Everyone used to choose a career path as a Web or Mobile Application Development, but that’s not all. IT Industry has a vast scope and I know that, but I was not having much guidance and the online courses were so expensive that I can’t ask my parents to buy me those courses and was also unsure of the outcomes of those courses.

My Mission

Computer Masterly has a mission to encourage students to develop programming languages and other IT skills and build their careers in IT Industry.

Our goal is to help students and professionals upgrade their skills and move their business from physical to digital space.


What do I offer?

  • Free Tutorials
  • Free Webinars
  • Basic to Advanced Courses
  • Hands-on Practical Knowledge
  • Blog Articles on how-to upgrade your IT skills
  • Ways to implement your IT skills in real life
  • One-to-One Consultation for choosing your skill as a career

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