How a Computer Engineer become a Successful Entrepreneur?

Kanan Vithlani is natively from a small town in Gujarat. She had completed her Bachelors and Masters of Engineering from Gujarat Technological University and had a job experience of two years as a Web Developer in a Software Company. She is the only child in the family, so she also needs to play the role of son and daughter and take care of her parents.

But as we know in Indian Society, girls are assumed to be weaker than boys. People talk women can’t be entrepreneurs. They only have to be a housewife after having kids. This mentality is changing but is still the same in small towns or cities, where women are considered less dominating and are not allowed to work and earn for themselves.

How did it start?

Kanan Vithlani was an engineering student of a low-ranked college. She was bright enough to grasp the knowledge so easily. She is keen to learn new things and be creative with her work. She also had a dream of being a teacher since childhood. As she grew up, she developed an interest in Web Development and decided to join Computer Engineering. She joined the course and started studying and also got her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering. Then she joined a job as a web developer in a Software Development firm.

She resigned from her job after 2 years because she wanted to grow and set up her own Software Development firm. She always felt in her mind in those 2 years. She said, “If I got the learning and guidance of 2 years in my college life, I must have started earning and have a startup by the time I finish my studies”. This made her think because what she learned in college was only the tenth part of what is running in the corporate industry. And even faculties didn’t discuss it or have enough knowledge to share and guide the students.

Kanan started a Youtube Channel and Blogging at first, to share his knowledge and reach more people. And eventually, make a personal brand and grow her audience. And parallelly, also got Digital Marketing Internship Programme and started freelancing as a Web Developer.

Today, Kanan is offering internship and job opportunities to engineering students full-time or part-time while pursuing their studies. And also provides online courses for the latest technologies working in the corporate industries. This helps students get a chance to follow the latest and emerging technologies in the world apart from their course curriculum.

Where Kanan is Today?

Kanan got millions of subscribers on her multiple Youtube channels as she owns multi-lingual Youtube channels so everyone who is not proficient in English can also gain knowledge and get ahead in their life. Her blog is having huge traffic daily. She also gets freelancing offers, invites for meetups as a special guest, and much more. Her company now have a turnover of 1 Crore/Year and increasing.

Kanan’s words…

People talk about women’s empowerment nowadays, but this trend is mostly in metro cities. But staying in a small town doesn’t stop you from growing big. You need big dreams to grow big. Just follow your dreams, take guidance where needed, and don’t ever quit.

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